Tuesday felt like a good day to post a blog about the music that gets me through the week. This is the playlist I’ve been listening to lately when I’m at home working, cooking, cleaning, or just relaxing in the apartment or at a coffee shop.

I’m the kind of person who will listen to a song on repeat 15 times if I like it, and this playlist has so many of those type of songs. Some are oldies some are newbies (like the entire Maggie Rogers album, so good!). Lauren Daigle is incredible and I think I’ve pretty much memorized every song on her album by now – so I put all of my favorites from her in there. There’s also a lot of Billie Eilish who I’ve loved ever since ‘Ocean Eyes’. I love anything with a little piano moment in it and obviously have a thing for solo female artists.  It’s kind of a random mix – but that’s what my playlists usually are. Hope you enjoy listening to this whenever and wherever you relax during the day.

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Hope you’re having a good week so far! It’s been *freezing* in New York the past few days but I’m hoping it warms up a little this weekend because my two best girlfriends from college are coming in town to visit! I’ve been making reservations for us at all my favorite spots. I’ll post everything we end up doing to give you some ideas if you have friends coming in town or if you’re coming to New York with girlfriends soon!

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