There are a few beauty habits that I truly believe make a difference when it comes to, well, your beauty! With so many different products on the market, it’s hard to determine which ones are worth the investment – plus, you have to use a product for quite a while before you see results. Below is a list of beauty tips I live by and have been doing for several years now – I’ve picked these up from women in my life (mom, grandma, best friends) who all take great care of their body’s beauty needs.


Take a multi-vitamin once a day. They’re made to nourish your body, support a healthy heart, and build strong bones. Plus, these taste like candy..

Always wash your face before bed. It prevents skin irritation and break outs and keeps lashes from becoming brittle and falling out. Also, your skin repairs itself at night and a clean face can absorb skincare products better. I use this Purifying Facial Cleanser from TULA. It’s gentle on my skin, lathers nicely, and does a great job of getting all my makeup off. Plus, the cute packaging looks good on my bathroom shelves!  You can use code SHOPOLIVIA25 for 25% off + free shipping on the entire site.


Rinse your face and hair with ice cold water for 20 seconds before getting out of shower. It closes the hair follicle which makes hair appear smooth and shiny and it closes the pores on your face.

Always moisturize your entire body after showering. Use a separate lotion for your face – specifically one with SPF, this is SO important! I use TULA’s hydrating cream on my face and neck – the smell is great, the texture is creamy and light, and it makes my skin very soft. 


Always use heat protection on your hair before blow-drying. Just a little on the ends will go a long way.

Drink tons of water. Keep your favorite water bottle filled at all times during the day. Use different powders or felt to add flavor. Drinking lots of water is the best thing you can do for you body: it flushes out the the bad toxins, hydrates your entire body, and prevents bloating.

Invest in a trusted anti-aging serum. This one is my go-to for maintaining a youthful glow and minimizing dark spots. I use just a tiny bit of this on my face before moisturizer. 


Switch up your shampoo and conditioner every couple of months. I’m doing a post next week about what I’m using on my locks right now!

Exfoliate your entire body every once in a while AND your face. I love use this exfoliating treatment mask. If you spray tans pretty often like I do, exfoliating scrubs help even out your skin tone and brighten it up! This exfoliating mask is safe to use up to 3 times per week. I use a pretty heavy-duty exfoliating scrub on my body – ULTA has lots of great options! 


I’ve been using TULA’s products for a while and I love everything about them so much I have both my mom and sister using them already. If you just want to test the products out before buying the full bottles, here’s a great travel size kit.

This tie-die t-shirt romper I’m wearing is from American Apparel and seriously my favorite thing in my closet right now – it’s SO comfortable and comes in 3 other colors, you’ll love it!! (wearing XS). Bracelet Set Here. Let me know what you think about these tips and if there are any crucial things you believe in that I’m missing and as always,  thanks for reading girls!

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  • Claire Holsopple

    Hi Olivia! I loved this post and also had a few questions for you! What exfoliating scrub do you use for your body? I have been looking for a new exfoliating scrub to use for full body and would love to hear your suggestions! Also, what are your thoughts on exfoliating gloves to use for body exfoliation?

  • Haley

    Hi Olivia!
    What brand of makeup do you use? Your skin always looks flawless in your photos!

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