I usually get my hair trimmed a little bit every time I go in to get it highlighted, but I skipped the trim the last two appointments and my hair was starting to look pretty stringy. When I got it colored last week, I had my stylist cut about 4 inches off and it’s made my hair look and feel so much healthier. Plus, it holds curl so much better when it isn’t as long. During the summer months, I lay off the hot tools and let my hair air dry more often because we all know how bad over curling/straightening/blow drying is for your hair.

I’ve also been using the Résistance collection from Kérastase for the last two months. The line focuses on rebuilding weak and damaged hair by restoring the hair fiber – which repairs the effects of heat styling and prevents breakage in over-processed hair. It’s specifically for long hair – or if you’re trying to grow it out. I love how my hair feels and smells after using it!

Length strengthening shampoo: (for slow growing, damaged lengths)

Bain Extentioniste

Length strengthening conditioner:

Fondant Extentioniste

Length strengthening deep conditioner:

Masque Extentioniste

One of the most common questions I get is “how do you keep your hair so healthy and long?“. I’ve done posts about this in the past, but just wanted to do a quick update here with all the things I do and think actually help keep your hair in good shape. Here are my best tips for all of you trying to grow your hair out:

1. Be SO careful when brushing wet hair

The amount of high end hair products you use means nothing if you aren’t careful with the way you handle your hair. One of the most important steps to growing it out is being so careful when you brush your hair – especially when it’s wet because that’s when it’s the most fragile.Start from the tangled ends and work your way up. I swear by the Wetbrush – it’s the only brush I’ll use. TIP: brush your hair before getting in the shower to minimize tangles. I put Moroccanoil on my damp hair – it works wonders and is by far one of my favorite hair products ever made (and the smell is incredible).

2. Deep Condition

I deep condition my hair twice a week. If you have color treated hair (especially blondes), it is crucial to use some kind of reparative mask/deep conditioning treatment to restore moisture and fix damage on over-processed hair. Love this mask right now – great for long hair.

3. Air dry vs. Blow dry 

So, obviously the smartest thing to do if you’re wanting healthy hair is to let your hair air dry. I do this as often as I can and tie it up in a braid to let the moisture lock in. But, we can’t always leave the house with wet hair, so here are my blow drying tips: Remove as much moisture as you can by squeezing it out with a towel (DO NOT rub the hair with the towel, this frays the cuticles and causes frizz and split ends). Blow dry at least 8 inches away from your head on the ‘medium heat’ setting and finish it with the ‘cool’ setting. I always blow dry my hair upside down for extra volume. (Tip: ALWAYS make sure your hair is completely dry before styling. Your curls will hold way better and it will prevent against heat damage.)

4. Scalp Scrub

Scrub your scalp while shampooing for one full minute. The stimulation of the blood cells on the surface of the scalp increases blood flow which stimulates growth and enhances the strength of your roots. Make this a habit every time you wash your hair in the shower.

5. Trims

Trimming to promote growth is not necessarily true. My hair has always grown fast naturally so I get trims pretty often, but,if your hair grows slowly, I recommend only getting a very small amount trimmed off every other time you go into the salon for hair color.

6. Dry Shampoo

Washing your hair less means less chemicals, less heat, and less brushing. Washing your hair too often will wash out the natural oils that are naturally there to promote healthy hair and scalp. I usually wash my hair about 4 times a week. I don’t know if it’s because I’m blonde or if I have more oily hair, but it’s hard for me to go more than two days without washing. Dry shampoo temporarily increases the width of strands plus helps them stand up at the root.

7. Hydrate + Eat Healthy

Clean eating, regular exercise, and tons of water are three things you need to start incorporating into your weekly routine for your body & your hair’s sake. (I try to refill a grande Starbucks water 5 times/day – also very good for your abs 😉). Green vegetables, especially kale, spinach, and broccoli, act as natural hair conditioners and shine boosters. Lean proteins – eggs, chicken, and fish – help maintain healthy hair growth. Salmon, avocado, walnuts, and greek yogurt are all “mane-munchies”. [Tip: Make sure you’re getting the right amount of sleep each night. Your hair grows fastest at night and 8 hours of sleep will reduce stress and prevent hair from falling out.]

8. Heat Tools

Avoid your curling iron, straightener, and blow dryer as often as possible. One of my best friends from high school is living proof that this is a miracle worker. If you’re dedicated to getting the hair you want – you have to do more days of air drying your hair and leaving it in a wet braid. [Tip: Most people set their heat tools on high when you can get the same effect by using them on medium – causing less damage.]

9. Sleep on a silk pillowcase:

I sleep on this pillow case: the anti-aging, anti-sleep crease, anti-bed head pillowcase by slip is like an eight-hour beauty treatment every night. Cotton pillow cases strip the moisture from your hair and are more likely to cause bed head. I usually sleep in a loose braid to avoid frizziness and knotting and I always brush my hair carefully right when I wake up to get any tangles out.

10. No teasing/crazy hairstyles:

You won’t see me in a bunch of different hairstyles very often because as cute as they are – excessive pulling, tight hair ties, hair spray, etc. = more breakage. Sure, teasing makes your hair look good in the moment if you’re styling it, but if your goal is to grow your hair out without a ton of split ends – you need to chill out on the styling. Also – not a huge fan of blow outs – way too much pulling and heat.

[wearing this dress from blue life]



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  • Carina Herren

    Thanks for these amazing tips Olivia! I have long hair and sometimes struggle with breakage, split ends and dryness! I want to try some of these tricks esp the wetbrush, silk pillowcase and dry shampoo! I work out everyday so when I sweat I really cannot stand not washing my hair 🙁 Do you wear dry shampoo when you workout? Happy 4th of July!


  • May

    I would definitely say that your signature feature has to be your hair! I would love to get my hair as voluminous as yours. Hopefully, some of these tips will work!

    May ||

  • Amy

    Did someone cut/color your hair in Chicago? Or back home? If in Chicago, please share!!

  • Leah

    How often do you go to the salon??

  • Elsa gray

    Hi, I loved your blog this is so amazing I’ll share your blog with my best friend and the tips to for the long hair I’ll definitely try these tips and again the blog is awesome

  • Kelsie

    Hi there, any other Silk pillowcase recommendations? I a m looking for something more budget friendly? Thanks!

  • Henna

    Hi Olivia, loved your post! Thank you for these good hair tips and facts about hair. Looking forward to read more of these 🙂

  • ketamine clinics

    Your hair looks amazing. It is in such situations that you begin to understand that it is worth listening to those people who themselves set an example and you want to look like this person. And that’s actually work advice. I understand that if my hair looked like this, then I would be very happy. Thank you for your advice. It seems to me that this is what works. I have heard for a long time that you cannot dry your hair with a hairdryer and it spoils your hair. You have also confirmed this thesis. Therefore, I understand that it is bad when you dry them with hot air instead of natural. Of course, this is not the only mistake we make, but undoubtedly one of the most important.

  • Ethan

    Your hair is just gorgeous and it’s very hard not to notice. My beloved loves your blog very much… She loves to dye, curl or straighten her hair, but there has always been a problem in restoring it .. And lo and behold, your blog and recommendations returned her hair shine and healthy look, as well as a smile on her face.. Thank you so much!

  • Reply

    your website is very nice, the article is very enlightening, I wish you continued success.

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