Everyone loves a good house party. And there’s nothing I love more than planning and decorating for one. The clean up – not so much – but coming up with cool ideas for how to create an epic and memorable night with over 70 best friends is my thing. Ford, Rachel, and I spent the last few weeks planning for our annual Christmas Party, so tonight I’m sharing my 5 party tips to use at your next house party. My brother, Austin, is the MOST talented videographer and captured this fun little clip from inside the party last weekend.  (If you’re looking for a video genius, contact him here):


1. Votive Candles:

I use these at almost every party/dinner night I host, so easy! I bought a pack of 50 candles for $5 at the grocery store. I scattered them around the room to create a moody ambiance. (I also used votive candles for my Friendsgiving tablescape – see it here if you missed it!)

2. A Custom Snapchat Filter:

We personalized a Snapchat filter for our party and it was only $14 – pricing depends on how long your filter is live and how much area you need it cover. Pick a theme and make it personal so your guests know it’s just for them!

3. Fresh Bouquets:

Whether I’m styling a photoshoot, having people over for dinner, or throwing a giant house party, fresh flowers are always in the picture. It’s a decorating tip I learned from Nani! We used a local florist – Flowers for Dreams – where every bouquet benefits an local charity. They put together two festive arrangements for the house and we loved them!

4. Statement Piece:

We were trying to think of something epic that would not only look cool, but also make the party more fun. The end result: a giant ice sculpture that doubled as a dueling shot luge. IT WAS A HIT. It lasted throughout the party and was the entertainment of the night. Contact Dan at World Class Ice here for your next house party if you live in the Chicago area – so awesome and so easy to work with.

5. Party Balloons:

My favorite party tip – flood the ceiling of the main room with balloons. It’s an easy way to add that *extra* element to the party. I LOVE Paris312. I’ve used their balloons for so many parties I’ve thrown (did you see the cute MISS to MRS balloons from my bff’s bachelorette party on IG this month?). They have the coolest + most unique balloon ideas that will make any party or event. For the Christmas party we used: pink+ burgundy balloons (for ceiling), ornament balloons, and giant glitter balloons.

For those of you asking, the trap version of all the Christmas songs we played at the party were from this Christmas Trap Remix on Spotify. SO GREAT. Oh – and my list tip is to make sure the party is full of all of your favorite people. We were lucky enough to have so many of our best friends fly in from NYC, Memphis, and Delaware just for the party! Thanks for reading and comment on my IG post with your favorite party tip – we’re always looking for more ideas! xo, liv

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