A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to step onboard one of Chicago’s chicest yachts, the H.R.H. Lola. If you’ve ever been out on a boat in Chicago, you might have seen her from a distance. It’s the only all black yacht in the Playpen and it’s hard to miss. She is fancyyy.

The yacht is owned by Anthony Michael Interior Design, a Chicago design firm that specializes in classical, contemporary and eclectic interior design for residences, restaurants, yachts, and private aircraft. H.R.H. Lola is their latest yacht, a classic 1977 Hatteras 60′ MY, that was transformed by the design team in 2017.

The yacht has been refreshed and redesigned. Out with white exterior, old paneling, dark interior, and shag carpet – and in with the gorgeous wall coverings, luxury fabrics, white leather, LED lighting, and custom decor. I had to post about my experience from our styled shoot for AKIRA on the H.R.H. Lola because it’s too good to not share! Here’s a few images from the shoot and a closer look at what’s inside…

I love the art deco touches and transitional design style. The yacht is glam and sophisticated, decorated with Anthony’s sleek and clean aesthetic. It’s the perfect setting for some of the most elegant entertaining on Lake Michigan. Whether the occasion is a corporate function, a party with friends, or a romantic overnight on the water, H.R.H. Lola provides a lasting and memorable experience. A classic yacht wrapped in luxury and sophistication. To see more Anthony Michael Interior Design work, visit the website here. Happy Tuesday guys, thanks for stopping by!

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