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To kick of party season, I’ve partnered with my good friend Beth of South Loop Loft to give you some inspiration for how to deck out your bar cart for holiday entertaining. Ready to be crowned as the hostess with the mostest? Transform your drink station into a festive display and add a touch of Old Hollywood glamour by using these unique decor ideas:



1. Incorporate a glamorous champagne tower:

Party like Gatsby by recreating this champagne tower for your holiday party or make a statement at your wedding reception! PRO TIP: we used plastic coupe glasses from the dollar general, *just in case*. If you’re using the tower for decorative purposes only, assemble and fill with champagne before the celebration and have trays filled with fresh champagne to pass out to your guests.



2. White roses, always:

When in doubt, add white roses. They’re elegant, fresh, and perfect for the season.




3. Clusters of LED lights:

This adds a whole new element to your bar cart and the perfect festive touch! Find these battery powered LED packs here and cover them in vintage glass cloches for a snow-globe look. We nestled in a sparkly tree and anchored this cluster with a couple coffee table books for a level change.



4. A pop of fresh fruit to add some color:

We decided to stick to a metallic color scheme, but added an unexpected pop of color with a bowl of oranges. Slice a couple up and leave them out for guests to add to their drinks!



5. Champagne Campaign:

Veuve Clicquot or La Marca are my personal favorites.

lamarca lamarca2


6. The Sheepskin Throw:

When temperatures outside drop, there’s not better way to make your inside decor a little cozier by adding a sheepskin throw. I have one on my bedroom floor, draped over my desk chair, and now styled on my bar cart! The perfect winter touch.


7. Add ornaments:

If you have extra space to fill on your barcart, steal a couple ornaments from your tree and nestle them into the display. These oversized ornaments work perfectly and give just the right amount of sparkle.

ornaments2 ornaments


8. Use vintage glassware/decanters:

You can usually find these floating around flea markets, thrift stores, or at your grandma’s house. We added a cluster of ornate decanters displayed on top of silver platter. So fancy!



9. Pair it with a statement wall:

Although at this point the cart will look fabulous on it’s own,  make it the focal point of the party by parking it in front of a plain, wallpapered, or exposed brick wall. Or, if you’re feeling really ambitious, duplicate this LED ‘Cheer’s wall for the party!


Michelle Cox Photography


I recently purchased this cute bar cart on black Friday (and it’s still on sale!) to style next to our Christmas tree this year. It’s  supposed to be delivered tomorrow so I’ll be snapping some pictures of it for you to see in person. If you’re visiting or live in the Chicago area, you have to check out South Loop Loft for Christmas gifts + decor shopping! Hope this inspires your party planning this year, cheers 🙂


“I like large parties, they are so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy”

-The Great Gatsby




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