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Every Occasion Suede Blazer [Coquette Couture use code OLIVIA15 for 15% off til Oct.1] wearing size small || Ivory Jersey V-neck [Talbots] wearing petite, petite || High-Waisted Jeans [DSTLD Denim] || Nude Pumps [Steve Madden] || Quilted Taupe Leather Handbag [Steve Madden] || Karen Walker Sunglasses [Ditto] || Burberry Watch [Bloomingdale’s] || Skinny Leopard Haircalf Belt [Ann Taylor] || Lipstick: Mac Rebel

Nothing like a pair of high-waisted jeans to elongate your not-so-long legs! Today’s outfit is a bit on the casual side, but the heels dress it up. If wearing heels to work isn’t your thing, pair this outfit with a pair of leopard flats (like these!). I love the weight of this new suede blazer – it’s the perfect outerwear for the season – and code OLIVIA15 gets you 15% off your entire order until Oct. 1!

I have a confession to make about the cream top I’m wearing under this jacket. Soo, you guys know how I live with my grandma (Nani) right? Well, we do A LOT of things together – including shopping.  I drag her into 20-something stores, but she also brings me along to places like Talbots and Chico’s (lol). SO, to all my petite girls out there struggling to find stores that have decently adult-looking clothing that doesn’t swallow youTalbot’s Petite section actually has some gems! I’m not even ashamed to admit that I found some great things there because the most important aspect of clothing to me – is not the brand – but the way it fits! SO YES, my top is from Talbots and I may or may not have it in 3 different colors (wearing it here in black) and I’m sure you’ll be seeing more things from here in the future.

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  • Lolo

    Hi Olivia, I love your blog and check it almost every day. I really want to learn how to have a quite time with God and I have the "Jesus calling" book that I love! I'm just not sure how to start writing down my thoughts or prayers with it. If you could make one telling how you do your quite time that would really be great

  • Olivia Rink

    That's a great post idea, I'll definitely work on something like this for a future post – thanks so much lolo 🙂

  • Business TipTop

    Great Post, Really Great. I was simply amazed with the quality you have.
    Actually Business casual for women is a more diverse and long sought topic then business casual for men. The reason is that women tend to wear in accordance to the fashion as well as the company business casual guidelines.

  • Hairly There

    Hi Olivia,

    What a gorgeous outfit! You look absolutely lovely, and pink roses are definitely your color!


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