Happy Friday! Last week I teamed up with Civello Salon here in Lincoln Park to create a sleek and sophisticated old hollywood look with Deron Edward – the lead creative director of the salon. With the holidays quickly approaching, I wanted Deron to create a simple look that could be worn to a holiday party or event this season. Plus, after the appointment I was off to catch a flight to NYC, so I got to wear this look out in the city that night!

The products: Civello is an Aveda salon, so we used 3 Aveda products to put this look together. In order to give me hair all the body and thickness it needed for this hairstyle, Deron sprayed ‘Pure Abundance’ on my damp hair before blow drying (a natural boost for fine hair that gives all-day weightless volume) and added a few sprays of ‘Thickening Tonic’ that instantly thickens hair and expands strands from roots to ends. We used ‘Controlforce’ hairspray to finalize the look.

The technique: 

-In order to section off pieces for curling to give each lock the attention it needed for the perfect curl, he sectioned off my hair with clips.

-After curling each piece he used a mini hair clip to pin the curls to my head so they cooled in the curled position – this is a great way to get your curls to last longer and look bouncier!

-To begin creating the sleek waves, Deron a wooden Aveda paddle brush to slowly brush out the ringlets.

-He pinned up right side and swooped all of my hair over my shoulder on the left for a dramatic look and finished it off with a few more sprays of Controlforce hairspray.


The final look:


Thanks to my talented friends Amy Aiello Photography and Civello Salon for creating this simple retro glamour/vintage look. The Civello staff has a roster of impressive experience, and would be able to achieve any looks that you want to showcase! The salon is offering $20 off your firs time visit with code:  OLIVIARINK20.

Now for the dress to pair with your perfect winter hairstyle – I spent all last night browsing through my favorite sites to pick my favorite holiday dresses for any occasion..

Holiday Dress Guide:

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