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Possibly my favorite suit from the trip!  This boys + arrows leopard bikini is so cute and comfortable – the triangle bralette top has really thin paneled cups and the bottoms are stretchy and cheeky. I’m wearing a size small and it fit really well – could’ve maybe gone down to an XS bc its stretchy. You will LOVE IT. You can use code OLIVIA17 to take 10% off this suit and all orders on

Also, happy International Women’s Day! I have always believed that women run the world and the men who live in it, so here’s to just celebrating that even more today. I am beyond thankful for the power I have as an ‘influencer’ (I guess that’s what they’re calling us these days) to reach, empower, inspire, and connect with so many other females making waves with their talents & in their careers. How lucky are we to live in a country that believes in gender equality!? I truly believe that as a woman in business you can be ANYTHING you want to be – but it takes will-power, dedication, and the mindset that no one is going to get in your way. If you want a raise at work – ask for it. If you want to start your own company – stop talking about it and do it. If you want to be treated differently in the work place – show people how to treat you. If you want to reach your goals – work your BUTT off for them. Being a 4’11” female entrepreneur has never once stopped me from thinking I was anything but equal to any man in business. Give me a pair of heels (those 5 inches help) and a challenge and I’ll make it happen – even if I fail the first 5 times. My advice for any of you chasing your dreams: get rid of the excuses and be unstoppable.

THAT is girl power 🙂


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