To be honest, I’ve never been much of designer bag collector. I bought a Chloe bag when I first moved to Chicago and got a lot of use out of it, but ever since then I’ve rotated between lower to mid-priced purses that do the job. I borrow Nani’s Chanel from time to time, but what makes wearing that special is that it’s hers!

A few months ago I noticed how many mid-priced crossbody bags I had hanging on the shelf in my room that I rarely used. I also started realizing that every time I got dressed up to go out to events or dinners, I felt like I was missing a go-to handbag that works for all occasions. I wanted something that could work with jeans or leggings, but also look good dressed up with heels and a jumpsuit. So…I started the search for the perfect crossbody bag.

After lots of searching, I finally landed on this Saint Lauren Lou Matelasse Leather Camera Bag. I have it in the color ‘poudre‘ but it also comes in 4 other colors… it was a tough choice between mine and the black with gold. I’ve worn it every single day since I purchased and couldn’t be happier with this investment!

5 reasons why this is the crossbody bag I’ll be wearing all year

1. It’s neutral in color

I wear a lot of different colors and I’m usually always changing between athleisure and dressed up outfits throughout the day, so I was looking for something neutral that pairs well with everything. The nude color of this bag is the perfect shade – not too light and not too dark. Perfect for summer but also works for fall/winter.

2. It has plenty of room

Plenty of room to stash all the important things: phone, brush, wallet, portable charger…snacks. When I was searching for my bag I stayed away from anything that looked too big, because #1 – I’m short and #2 – no one wants to carry around a clunky purse all night.

3. It has a comfortable strap

Metal straps on handbags may look really pretty, but I hate how uncomfortable they feel on a bare shoulder (and the indent they leave). This strap is perfectly comfortable and versatile – I wear it two ways: across my body or on one shoulder.

4. Custom strap length

An important feature if you’re petite or tall! I have my bag fastened on the shortest length, but it can be adjusted to wear it feels comfortable on you.

5. It’s beautiful 😍

I looked for months and this was by far the prettiest bag I found for the price point I was looking for. I love how soft the leather is, how chic the gold YSL hardware looks, and the cute tassel adds a fun touch.

Thanks for reading! If you guys have any questions about this bag, feel free to ask me in the Instagram comments on this post tonight 🙂

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  • Ashlee

    Ah I’m obsessed with this!! I also love how you listed off all the reasons you invested in it—I look for many of those qualities in crossbody bags also, so it’s very helpful 🙂

    Ashlee |

  • Kristie

    I am obsessed! I got mine in black with the gun metal hardware. Best investment ever!

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