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Hi everyone and welcome to my new and improved site,! I’ve been working on this with my web designer, Genevieve at Crowhop, for a while and I’m so excited to finally share it with you! As began to grow, I realized I needed to do a bit of updating + upgrading, so from now on you can find me here!

What do you guys think?! I’m in love!

1. The new site is much more organized – making it easy for you to find old posts and search for specific content. The navigation bar at the top of the screen allows you to search for different topics I’ve blogged about including: outfits, hair, beauty, tutorials, advice + thoughts, decor, travel, health + fitness, and other inspiration!

2. There’s a new feature in the navigation bar where you can shop for specific items on my ‘wishlist‘ as well as items I have in my closet right now. I’ll be updating these weekly, so be sure to keep an eye out for new things – especially will the holidays right around the corner!

3. The sliding carousel on my homepage will be updated regularly with my most recent and most popular blog posts. You can click on each individual title to bring you to that blog post.

4. We gave the mobile version a little makeover as well! You can find popular posts scrolling along the top of the page, a new menu bar added to the top left corner, a search bar to find exactly what you’re looking for, and all of my social handles.



A lot of consideration went into choosing the perfect web designer to help with my re-branding. I’m a perfectionist, so I knew whoever I chose was going to have to be one too. I knew from our first meeting that Genevieve was the perfect designer for the job. She’s been so fun to work with, and definitely has an eye for feminine design – which is exactly what I was looking for. Crowhop (formerly SparkWild), has given me professional AND personal service – I would absolutely recommend using them if you’re looking for anything online and design-related. And you can’t beat their prices, they’re like the Southwest airlines of website design – great service at incredible prices 🙂 Genevieve runs Crowhop with her husband Joseph.. could they be any cuter??


The Process:

She used plenty of white space, a clean and feminine font, and came up with the perfect color palette: light pinkish/peach against chic black. Brainstorming and sketching different ideas for the logo was so fun – we finally came up with a bold ‘O‘ with a delicate ‘loop’ (which may have been inspired by a long strand of hair!). Below is the inspiration we put together when for the ideas behind the design theme. You can read more about the beginning stages of the design process in this post.


A huge thanks to Crowhop for your hardwork in this process, I couldn’t be happier with how turned out! Some new and exciting things are coming to the site very soon, so stay tuned! Thank you SO much for your support – every text, email, snapchat, and comment makes me SO happy. Hang out for a bit and look around the new site 🙂

Outfit Details:

Black Suede + Rhinestone Heels | Rhinestone Clutch | Black Dress

Lauren Alexandra Photography

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