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Happy Sunday! All of my roommates were out of town this weekend (Ford is in Mexico City with friends, Rach flew to D.C. to visit her sister, and Elena moved to Atlanta last week), so it’s been just me here at our house for the last few days. On Friday I caught up on work and cleaned the house, Saturday had brunch in the city with my brother (you know him now if you’ve watched my stories today, lol), and today went to Soul City Church.

I forgot how nice it is to have some alone time to yourself once in a while. I’m constantly taking calls, answering emails, scrolling through my phone, and planning ahead. And whenever I forget to take breaks to slow down and relax, I get overwhelmed. It kills my creativity and makes me so much more irritable. Alone time gives my brain and body time to unwind and reboot, which helps me think more clearly. It also gives me the chance to think more deeply about the important things happening in my life. We’re faced with so many big decisions and responsibilities on a daily basis, that we need to give ourselves time to think them over before acting. Life is constantly pulling you us in different directions, so make sure you’re always in-tune with your inner voice. It will lead you to better decision making, more productivity, creativity, and a more content mindset.

Believe it or not, we’re actually going to see 70 degree weather here in Chicago this week, so I’m sharing a casual outfit from Polo Ralph Lauren for when things warm up! When I was looking through the RL website, it made me so excited for warmer weather. Right now they have so many beachy & nautical options that are perfect for summer trips.

I loved the look of this vintage looking crop Polo tee – I rolled the sleeves up and tied it up in the front because it was pretty oversized on me (wearing a medium). I love how summery this looks with high-waisted denim shorts and a light denim jacket. This denim jacket is so soft – it’s the perfect light layer for spring/summer outfits (size xs). I paired dark brown accessories with this outfit and love the way they add a classic all-american look to it. The boots are brown suede and look so cute with shorts but I also loved how they looked when I tried them on with jeans.

Speaking of summer trips, did you guys read my last blog post about the top destinations on my summer travel bucket list? Read it here!

Photos by @Aesthetiica

Thank you to Polo Ralph Lauren for partnering with me on this post!

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