Winter is always the hardest season when it comes to committing to a gym routine. I’m really good at coming up with excuses for why I can’t leave the house lately and comfort food is all I want this time of year. We go on a family trip to Cabo every year right after Christmas, so that’s always a good little gym-motivator for me right in the middle of winter. I made myself (and you guys!) this bullet point list of things that help motivate me to stay fit during the holidays. Anyone else have a winter vacation coming up you want to get in shape for?

I’m wearing a new workout set from the AQUA Athletics collection at Bloomingdales.  Their pieces are all great for both in and out of the gym. The fabrics are stretchy and comfortable and I love the dark colors. I’m wearing the tonal glossy star print set in this post in a size XS! I linked my other favorite pieces from this collection at the end of this post.

10 Fitness Motivation Tips For Your Winter Vacation

  • First thing in the morning, put your workout clothes on
  • Go to bed early so you can work out early then have your nights free
  • Don’t over do it. Start with small weights. I usually do lifts with 10 lb weights
  • I use the ‘Saved’ feature on Instagram to save workouts I see on Instagram and then reference that when I’m at the gym
  • Sign up for classes at your gym
  • Power walk on the treadmill if you’re not in the mood to run. I do this for 3 miles usually
  • Be accountable to someone – get a workout buddy
  • Hang up motivational quotes or pictures (here on Pinterest)
  • Listen to a good playlist (this is John’s I listen to a lot)
  • Workout at home if you really don’t feel like leaving the house (I use Obe Fitness workout videos)

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