There’s just something so therapeutic about organizing an area in your home that’s been stressing you out. Every time Horderly has come to our apartment, they’ve completely transformed our chaos into order. Rotating spice rack organizers will do that to ya 😉

If you guys remember, around this time last year the Horderly team came to our NYC apartment to completely re-organize our bedrooms. They transformed our closets, drawers, and bathrooms into perfectly organized systems. It was amazing (see that post here).

This month, they tackled the kitchen. Since our kitchen is connected to our living room (well.. it’s the same room), we spend a lot of time in there cooking and hanging out. Horderly did an incredible job of organizing everything from our snacks to our silverware, so I wanted to give you guys a little organization inspiration by showing you the details starting with a peek inside the kitchen cabinets..but first, some before pics:

The left cabinet above the Nespresso machine houses all of our coffee & tea necessities. This is the perfect little coffee corner for making our drinks in the mornings. Above this is all of the boys’ protein products and the top level are our lower vases.

The middle cabinet holds all of our plates and bowls that are conveniently separated by sleek acrylic risers. Above this is our glassware and the top section is for paper goods and party needs. The plastic containers are so amazing for easy pull down access and maintenance. They’re especially helpful because I’m so short! 🤷🏼‍♀️

The right cabinet is the pantry. Here is where the oils/vinegars/spices and sauces/spreads are kept. They implemented labeled spice jars and organized them onto lazy susans for easy access. I love how our snacks are organized into categories: savory snacks (oversized bags), crackers/snack bars/dried fruit, breakfast/sweets. On the top shelf lives the canned goods, pasta/quinoa, rice, and baking needs.

The drawer below the sink was a huge transformation – this will make cleaning my apartment so much easier! This is where you’ll find all the cleaning products and extra trash bags. The silverware drawer is night and day from what is used to look like. I love how all the utensils, cooking gadgets, baggies/ towels are so neatly organized here – especially because this is the drawer we use the most often. Below this is where we keep cutting board, mixing bowls, baking sheets, etc.

Horderly also helped up organize our (tiny) laundry area with more pull out bins full of laundry needs.

And last but not least – the dreaded front closet that was an absolute sh*tshow at all times before they came to save the day. They implemented an over the door shoe rack for hats/gloves/scarves – which I thought was such a smart idea! All of our coats are separated with rod dividers and all hung on the same black felt hangers. Our suitcases are stored in this closet – which each have our small carry-on bags stored inside. Up above is where we keep the air mattress & extra bedding for guests. The first pics are the before shots & then the final shot:

We can’t thank Horderly enough for helping us with this Kitchen transformation. We recommend their organization team to all of our friends in the city and can’t say enough good things about them! If you are interested in having them come into your home to help organization the entire thing or just a specific area, you can get in touch with their team here & follow along on Instagram to see more before/after transformations.

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  • Fillip Hord

    Love this! And you guys are very organized to begin with so just a refresher and a set Horderly eyes (well two sets) did the trick! See you guys soon:)

  • Brianna

    OMG I want this done to my house haha
    Brianna |

  • Phil

    This is so great! Thanks for showing the before pictures.

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