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There’s nothing I love more than fancy dinner dates, but sometimes they aren’t always the best activity for my (or his) bank account. So what do you do if you love going on dates but can’t afford to hit the town every night? You get creative! With summer just around the corner, I wanted to share a few cheap summer date ideas we’ve had so much fun with:


For all you girly-girls out there who think fish are gross and fishing is boring.. I’m right there with you! But our date last week changed my mind about the whole fishing thing (but fish are still gross). We packed up the good stuff: Doritos, gummy worms, real worms, poles, lawn chairs, sweet tea and headed out to a fish pond close to Chris’s neighborhood. We listened to country music while we waited for fish to bite – it felt like we were in the good old south for the day! Chris caught some fish and I caught some rays so the date was a success 😉






This date might sound nerdy but it’s seriously one of my favorites and there’s no need to dress up or even bring your wallet! Head to your nearest Barnes & Noble (or any bookstore) for a night of learning new random things together. ‘The Top 20 Wonders of the World’ and ‘Secret Rooms Inside the White House’ kept us entertained for hours!
We each took turns spinning a globe (if there aren’t any globes download the ‘destinations’ iphone app) and wherever your finger lands, you have to find a book and do a mini book report for the other person about the country/region! Sound cheesy but it’s actually a lot of fun and you’ll actually learn some pretty interesting things. A Starbucks drink was the only money I spent that night.


(Chris doing his ‘blog pose’)



Biking is a great date idea for just the two of you, or for a group of couples! Enjoy the outdoors, site-see, and exercise all while being on a (cheap) date! Most of the bigger cities have bike stations set up throughout the town where you can check out bikes for the day or for a few hours at a time (for only $5). We rode through pretty historic neighborhoods and down the bike lines in the heart of the city. The date ended with a stop at 7/11 for slushies 🙂


17 more fun dates to try this summer:

4. Watch funny YouTube videos together on the internet (make it a dinner date and order some pizza!)

5. Drive-in Movie Night – pack up some popcorn, blankets & pillows and watch a flick under the stars.

6. Go Camping! Pack up s’more stuff and tin-foil-dinners (something I recently learned about after living in Utah) and experience nature together.

7. Have a board game night. Invite friends over get a little competitive! (SmartAss, Apples to Apples, Pictionary, HedBanz, and Taboo are some of my faves)

8. Go Bowling – Guys are usually better at bowling than girls (I’m terrible), so make it competitive by bowling with bumpers.. or if he’s really good – have him bowl left-handed!

9. Play each other in tennis! (an excuse to wear cute tennis clothes, haha)

10. Test Drive Expensive Cars – This is one of Chris’s favorite ‘dates’…haha. It’s as crazy as it sounds but test driving a Ferrari together is a pretty fun date if you ask me!

11. Plan a mini vacation – book a weekend trip to a nearby city you’ve been wanting to visit. Research bed and breakfasts in the area online for a more ‘authentic’ experience.

12. Go to a Country Concert. Nothing says summer like country music, so check who’s performing in your area and plan a night of jean shorts, boots, and good music!

13. Take a Lake Trip! Go to the lake with a group of friends for the weekend. Grill out, go tubing, and relax by the water 🙂

14. Farmer’s Market – wake up early one Saturday this summer and head to the farmer’s market to find fresh fruits & veggies to cook that week.

15. Go to a baseball game – whether you live in a big city with a major league team, or you’ll be hitting up a minor league game (like us here in SLC), baseball games are the perfect date!

16. Carwash for 2 – check this one off of your to-list while enjoying the hot summer weather together.

17. Have a Cookout!

18. Go to the summer fair – cotton candy & roller coasters..

19. Watch an oldie but goodie – About Time, How Harry Met Sally, and Pretty Woman…

20. Cook Breakfast for Dinner

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  • Erica Ligenza

    I love these, Olivia! You and Chris are too cute together.
    J and I love putting our kitty on a leash and walking around the apartment complex with dollar menu soft serve from McDonald's! Ya look gorgeous, per usual. (:

  • Olivia Rink

    Thanks Erica!! I love that you guys put your cat on a leash, that is so hilarious! And ya can't beat McDonald's soft serve 🙂

  • Alexis Gildea

    The library date is genius! Never thought of that, definitely trying it 🙂

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