Have you ever noticed how you find yourself going back to the same few people when you need real, honest life advice? The people who just get you. Who understand what you want, what you need, and what you should avoid like the plague. The ones who put their heart into their advice and think about how things will affect you long term. You admire their values, trust their opinions, and know they have your best interest in mind. They tell you the hard truth, not only the easy things you want to hear.

That’s when you know you’ve found a life long friend.

I know who my people are, because they’re the one’s who are straight up with me. They tell it like it is and give me their best advice, even if they know it won’t be received well. You need those types of friends in your life.

Who are those people are in your life? Are you dedicating enough of your time to nurturing those relationships? These are the people who will help shape you  — cherish them ♥️

It’s quality over quantity when it comes to friendships. I have a small group of really close friends who know me SO WELL. I love the quote “good friends are like mirrors, they see us perfectly” because it’s so true, we learn more about ourselves through them.

I actually had the idea to write this blog post because of a text from a close friend that initially offended me a few months ago.  I was pretty put-off when I opened a message that said something like “Wow Liv, your last post… I’m surprised you posted that”.  I admit, my initial reaction was immediately defensive. My next reaction was to try and recall all of the things she’d ever posted that didn’t fit the standard she was holding me to. But after thinking about it for a while and humbling myself, I realized there was truth to what she was saying. And she said it because she knows me and understands the type of message I want to send. In that moment, I was able to appreciate the difference between a surface level friendship and a person who truly cared about me. Don’t be so quick to react defensively when someone who loves you gives you constructive criticism; it’s not for their gain.

I’ve had a lot of great friends over the years tell me hard things. Like when I was dating the wrong guy and everyone knew it but me. Or when I was doing a not so great job at balancing work and life. Or when I’m slacking on a bible study I committed to. Or… when Alicia tells me I’m being crabby when a shoot we’re doing just isn’t working and how I’m killing our mojo (yep, happens to everyone 😂).

Honest friends are good friends.

There’s a fine line between a friend who’s looking out for you and an overly opinionated friend who always feels the need to offer their two cents. You can tell when they truly want the best for you and when they’re being manipulative. Keep fair weather friends at arm’s length.

Being a good friend isn’t always easy. But when someone really loves you and doesn’t want you to get hurt or make a harmful decision, they’ll step up and face the push back.

The ‘right thing to do’ in any situation always depends on you. So when you’re lacking trust in your own decision making, go to your select few. The ones that know you and are always going to be there for you, even at your worst times. They’re there for the good times, but also when you’re struggling – to help pull you back up onto your feet ❤️

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