Shiny Hair Secrets

While trends come and go, a shiny, healthy, bouncy head of hair will never go out of style. Whenever people ask how I keep my hair growing long and shiny, my main piece of hair advice is that you [...]

Mermaid Hair Secrets

My favorite kind of fragrance is something light, feminine, and not too overpowering. There’s something about a perfume that just keeps you wanting to smell more. The Mermaid Perfume [...]

BCA Month Pink Products #fridayfavorites

 Hey guys, I just posted a quick video of my #fridayfavorites for the month of October – 5 pink products I’m using during breast cancer awareness month to support the cause! Use code [...]

3 Braids for Fall

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing three braided hairstyles for the fall. I get in the habit of doing the same thing with my hair every day, but just like you change up your outfits, it’s nice to do [...]

How I Highlight

Hi guys! I’ve been getting a lot of questions about who does my hair, how she does it, what color she uses, and all that, so here’s all the info:  Who: Tina at Sola Salon Studios [...]

Monday Must Haves

Goooood morning! I’m starting a ‘monday must-haves‘ series for when I want to share some good finds – beauty products, websites, clothes, food.. etc. I put together 5 [...]

Top Knot Tutorial

I finally made a top knot tutorial! Click the video below to see how I get all that hair up in a bun. Thanks for watching & comment below if you have questions!     Click below to [...]

How to Grow Long & Healthy Hair

As the owner of a mane that’s half the length of my body, I get my fair share of hair care questions. Today I’m sharing a few tips on how I keep my hair growing long and healthy. The [...]

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