When it comes to putting together a holiday party outfit, your look is never complete without the perfect hairstyle. Whether you’re getting dressed up for an office party or your annual holiday ball, here are two up-do ideas to finalize your look!

Hair by: @AudiHair | Photos: Brooke Gibbons Photography | Products: Loxa Beauty


How To:

  1. Start by spraying wet hair with Beauty & Pinups Thermal Protectant. It helps strengthen and smooth hair while protecting it from the heat applied in both hairstyles in this post. Then blow dry hair and part to the left or right.
  2. Curl hair with a 1 1/2″ curling iron for full, voluminous waves. I use this Hot Tools iron.
  3. Tease the hair a bit at the crown of your head to add a little bit of body.
  4. Brush hair back as if you were about to put it in a mid-pony.
  5. Begin by wrapping the ends of the hair around your fingers as tight as possible in the direction you want the bun to go (mine wraps to the left). This way works best with long hair.
  6. Continue rolling the hair in until you reach the head.
  7. Use several strong hold bobby pins to pin the bun at the top and bottom to secure it to your head. ‘Weave’ bobby pins so that they criss cross on top of each other throughout the middle section to keep the bun in place.
  8. Pull out a few whispy hairs around your face to make the bun look more ‘romantic’.
  9. Finish this style off with a strong hold hairspray: Beauty & Pinups Fierce Hold Spray. You could also add a sparkly hair accessory to the side of the twist to make a statement!

Products Used:


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Large Barrel Curler || Beauty & Pin-ups Thermal Protectant (use before heat tools) || Beauty & Pin-ups Fierce Spray || Red Lace Dress



GlamupdoPhoto-22 Photo-25(2)Photo-27Photo-30 Photo-31Photo-32 Photo-33Photo-34 Photo-35 Photo-36Photo-37Photo-39 Photo-40 Photo-41

  1. Begin by curling hair with a Paul Mitchell Neuro Unclipped 1″ Wand for bouncy curls.
  2. Separate hair in to 3 sections – part the front sections to the side you normally do and pull the rest to the back.
  3. Spray the 3 sections with Bed Head Dry Shampoo for extra body.
  4. Twist several bottom sections around your finger and wind the strand all the way up until reaches your head. Secure tightly with bobby pins. (tip: pin the rest of your hair up to keep it out of the way when you’re focusing on what’s underneath).
  5. For the middle section, tease hair heavily at the roots, then twist large section inwards and pin.
  6. Pull hair out a bit at the crown to create volume & height where the hair was heavily teased.
  7. For the remaining pieces left in the ‘pony tail’, do the same thing you did with the bottom sections by twisting and pinning the curls to your head. (Audi left the a few inches of the curl out in some pieces for a more relaxed look).
  8. For the front sections, ‘swoop’ the pieces back into the bun, wrap, and pin. We used Kenra Styling wax with these pieces for a polished, shiny effect.
  9. Finish by spraying with Kenra Ultra-Freeze hairspray to lock it in place.

Products Used:


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Bed Head Dry Shampoo || Kardashian Teasing Brush || Kenra Styling Wax || Paul Mitchell Neuro Wand || Kenra Ultra-freeze Spray || Green & Blue Sequin Dress

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