Who said the living room and outside of the house got to have all the holiday fun. One of my favorite things to decorate for Christmas is my bedroom! You spend one third of your life in there, so you might as well take time making it as comfortable and tranquil as possible. My room is my favorite place to be in our house and my go-to spot to calm down and retreat after a busy day. A few simple touches can easily transform the space into a wintery-escape that feels cozy and cold weather ready.

7 Holiday Decor Ideas for Your Bedroom

1. The more LED lights, the merrier.

Seriously though, I have these spread throughout my whole house. Weaved into the garland on the mantle, in the kitchen, on the bookshelf in my office, etc. I’m using 3 strands of 15 ft string lights from Urban Outfitters in my room with the copper/rose gold wire. There’s also this 98 ft strand of string lights if you’re really going all out this year. These ball lights are so cute too, so many options!


2. A Mini Pre-lit Christmas Tree.

If I had enough trees, I’d seriously put one in every room of the house. I especially love having one next to my bed, I feel like it makes the room during the holidays. This little one is the perfect size for a bedside table or even just in the corner of the room and it’s pre-lit! This one is the ‘small’ size online here.


3. Layer Cozy Throw Blankets.

I usually have a throw blanket draped over my bed year-round, but during the holidays I layer up. I posted it on my Instagram last week, but everyone in our house is obsessed with this new ivory plush blanket. It’s so soft and the twisted faux fur texture makes your bed or couch look so much cozier.


4. Velvet Pillows.Β 

My dusty pink velvet pillows are one of my favorite items in my room. They work great for spring/summer because of the pastel color, but the velvet fabric makes them perfect for winter (they come in 6 other colors). I brought a few extra throw pillows up from the couch to my room because I think adding throw pillows makes the bed look cozier.


5. String Lights in the Window.

The reflection of the lights hanging in the window is magical, plus it’s something your neighbors can enjoy too. I love looking out the window to see all the festive decor on our street.


6. Polaroids of Christmas memories on twine.

This is so easy to do and adds a little Christmas nostalgia to your walls. I hung polaroids of my family, friends, and some pictures from past Christmases on a string of twine with mini clothespins. What you need: Polaroid camera + these string lights with photo clips would be perfect!


7. Christmas Candles.

My favorite candle during the holidays (and possibly during the entire year) is Frasier Fur by Thyme. When I found out about this candle when I worked at Alice Lane – we always burned it in our show room during Christmas time! It also makes for a great present. I love the way a cluster of candles looks burning together in the room. I usually light a bunch of them on my vanity because they look so pretty with the reflection of the mirror.


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  • Annabella

    I live for your posts! 😍😍 You are truly inspirational and I love every one of your posts. Thank you so much for always posting petite friendly items as well as home decor ideas! Your bed is to die for! xoxo ❀

  • Teajae

    Such a lovely cozy space. That bed 😍😍😍

  • Jessica

    I love this! Your bedroom is perfection

  • Brianna

    Your bedroom is so beautiful!

  • Marjorie

    What color is your quilted coverlet? Is it grey, champagne, or pink? Curious, and can’t tell from photos!

  • Sara

    Hi!! This post is so asthetically pleasing and I’m obsessed with your bed and the Pom-Pom throw blanket!! Please please repost the link to your bed, I am in desperate need of a new one and I’ve been looking for so long but yours is so freaken perfect!! Please help!! -Sara

    • Julie

      Where did you buy your bed frame😍 I am doing my room.

  • Macie Anderson

    There are the three throw blankets and the white duvet, but where is the other quilt from!? I’m buying ALL of this and I have to know 😍

  • Ana

    I absolutely adore the way it looks! Simple yet, cozy and relaxing. I have one question though where did you buy that curtain? I really want to recreate the look. Hopefully you remember! (:

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