Hi friends! I’ve been getting a lot of hair questions lately – mostly about how I curl my hair every day, so I just did a quick video tutorial (even though I hate talking on camera) showing what I do in the mornings to get my hair curly, what appliances I use, etc. My curling technique and products are really pretty simple! I don’t have extensions – it’s the real deal right here, but I will do a post in the future about how I keep my hair long, healthy, and growing! You can’t have big fluffy curls without long healthy hair, so you have to get that first step down before you can expect to have good curls!

I hope this video explains the process and please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions – thanks for watching!

The Products I use:

Blow Dryer   Conair Curling Iron    Wet brush

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  • Anonymous

    Hi Olivia,
    When will you be posting about how you keep your hair long, healthy and growing?

  • Ashley

    I don’t see the video anymore! Is there anywhere else to find it? Thanks!!

  • Bri

    Would love to see this video, do you have it posted anywhere else?

  • alan

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