Follow Your Heart, But Take Your Brain With You

Beauty and the Beast was always my favorite. I loved when Belle and the Beast realized they were in love, he turned back into a man, and they lived happily ever after. Same with the rest of the [...]

Step-by-Step: How I Create An Outfit Post

Most of the time, what you see on my blog and social media is the finished product. The final post after all the planning, prepping, and styling is finished. Although I like to make it all look [...]

Fall 2017 Trends and Outfit Ideas

I love warm weather and I’ll be sad to see it go.. but I’m not gonna sit here and act like my roommates and I didn’t just order pumpkin candles, a fall doormat, pumpkin lights, [...]

August Playlist

Hi! I stopped into Fairgrounds Coffee today in Wicker Park and I can’t believe that was my first time in there. I’m always looking for spots by my house to get work done or have [...]

How do you define success?

As twenty-somethings, we’re constantly dealing with pressure from society to prove ourselves to other people. Are we making enough money? Are we where we should be at this age? Are we [...]