Random Acts of Kindness & Other Thoughts

Yellow Bodysuit: Otherwise Topless (XXS) from my friend Missy’s collection she just started in Chicago. Customize your top in the style & color you choose. Go Missy, proud of you! (shorts are [...]

My Favorite Petite-Friendly Brands

Shop this petite friendly outfit here:  0 Whenever I meet an Instagram friend or blog reader in person for the first time, their initial reaction is usually some version of “OMG, [...]

Quote to Self

(wearing size XS) Some mornings I wake up in a weird mood for no reason. Maybe it has to do with a bad dream…or possibly the weather?…but most of the time, there’s just no [...]

How to Grow Long & Healthy Hair (Updated)

I usually get my hair trimmed a little bit every time I go in to get it highlighted, but I skipped the trim the last two appointments and my hair was starting to look pretty stringy. When I got [...]

Best Ideas For A Bachelorette Party In Chicago

For all my girls planning their bachelorette party here in Chicago, these are my best ideas for where to eat, drink, dance, and say goodbye to the single life with one last hoorah in the Windy [...]

Life According To My 81 Year Old Grandma

As most of you know, I was blessed with an angel of a grandma who I was lucky enough to get the chance to live with during a time when we were both really needed eachother.  Our grandpa – [...]

Nothing is a Coincidence

About a month ago, my roommate and I were reading a chapter out loud from Rick Warren’s book, A Purpose Driven Life: What On Earth Am I Here For? The chapter was titled “You Are Not An Accident”. [...]

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