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Still crawling out of vacation mode from what felt like the longest break I’ve taken in so long and somehow the Sunday scaries are overflowing into Tuesday 🤷🏼My phone actually broke over the weekend (it was fully charged but went dead for no reason) so it was a truly off-line weekend. When I took it into Apple they said it was completely dead 💀, so I started the process of ordering a new one. When I woke up yesterday I decided to try turning it on one more time before pulling the trigger on a new one.. it turned on perfectly fine like nothing had happened 🧐Maybe Apple knew that in order for me to completely shut off and unplug, they needed to kill my phone for a few days, haha. I thought I’d switch it up today and share 6 recent articles I found on the internet this week that I thought were helpful and/or worth the read!  I’m also including some of my popular posts from the past couple months incase you missed any of them…

1. Summer Rom Com Bucket List

Over the 4th weekend, Conner somehow convinced me to watch 5 Marvel movies in a row. Now it’s definitely his turn to sit back and watch some of these classics with me.

2. 25 Women share a piece of advice they’d tell their 22 year old selves 

“The things that matter most in life are things that can’t be quantified. A great career won’t comfort you when you’re sick or down. You have to nurture both yourself and your relationships with others constantly.”

2. Authenticity & Purposeful Living

I’m not busy. I’m full. But I’m still caught up on all my best TV shows, and I’m still reading for pleasure, and I still have time to do all the things I want to do. I don’t respond to that sort of busy, busy, busy thing. That’s not me. I think that one of the added benefits of living a life of purpose, when you know your purpose and you’re prioritizing the things that are better serving that purpose, is that a lot of the bullshit falls away. And when you’re serving your purpose, you have all the time in the world because somehow time just expands.

4. What to do in Chicago in The Summer

Such a great list! Haven’t updated mine in a while, but it’s still a good one!

5. She’s amazing, must watch this when you have time.

6. Core workout for summer abs

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    Definitely going to do the core workout 🙂
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