Words are so powerful. They hurt you, heal you, teach you, inspire you, confuse you, and build you up. The way you verbally express yourself to others shapes your relationships, and the way you talk to yourself influences everything you do. I’m a quote hoarder, so I’m always saving/screenshotting stuff like this I find on the internet that pertains to certain situations I’m dealing with at the time.

Tonight I started thinking about WHY so many of us love reading these little motivational/positive quotes.. I found that there’s actually scientific answers behind it all (found in this huffington post article):

  • Recent studies on learning show that when you incorporate visuals (like graphic quotes) into your learning process, you may be able to better “record” a message into your permanent memory bank.
  • MRIs of the brain show that every time a person thinks angry thoughts or imagines worst-case scenarios, they literally send a surge of blood flowing into brain regions associated with depression and anger— thereby refueling depression and anger.
  • MRI’s have also shown that when a person starts to think happy thoughts, they can send a surge of blood flowing into brain regions associated with happiness — thereby literally refueling your positivity.
  • When you put words within pictures, your brain immediately perks up in an effort to make sense of how/why these words relate to the picture — thereby stimulating more neuron activity. The more neurons you have firing up, the greater the chance that your brain is paying attention and recording what it is perceiving.
  • Also – in today’s super busy coffee-addicted, social media obsessed world, it’s hard to find time to read an inspirational self help-book — but you can always find time to read an inspirational quote.

Just thought this was interesting and wanted to share! A few of my favorite recent screenshots:


And while we’re on the subject of influential words, I’ve talked about it before, but ‘Take My Heart, Oh God‘ by Sarah Young is my favorite devotional that I’ve read and re-read so many times over the last few years. If you’re looking for a new one, this is the best one I’ve come across. Thanks for stopping by tonight to read this! I’d love if you left a comment on this Instagram post to let me know you were here 🙂 happy Sunday!

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  • Alexa Schneider

    Very relate-able quotes posted, one that struck a chord with me (even though most of them did!) was the one how everyone and everything pulls at you wanting your attention. If that doesn’t sum up our worlds now a days, I don’t know what does. I like to screen shot quotes, lyrics, or proverbs that lift me up as well! I think we all need a pick me up of uplifting words.

    I started following Peyton Baxter, love ‘n’ labels blogger, on IG and I’ve seen your profile a bunch before as well. Since we’re talking about uplifting words, I was reading a blog post of her’s and she mentioned how when she first started out she reached out to bloggers more dominant in their realm through email. She brought your name up as one, that through all that keeps you busy throughout your career, you took the time to respond to her email and gave her advice. That stuck with me because I reached out to her and she responded to me. Always pay it forward, and stay humble. Since you did that I respected your selflessness and not many can say they have done that.

    If you have any time in your busy beautiful world, I have started a blog, and I would love to know what you think. I completely understand if you’re busy.

  • Brenda

    Love your Sunday thoughts! I am a lot like you and screenshot like crazy only to reflect later. I have just recently discovered you being a former Chicago girl and you’re amazing!!! Keep up the great work and fantastic pics! I’m obsessed 😍

  • Breda

    I was here. Thanks for the read.
    ~ Breda

  • Kelli

    Perfect message for a Sunday night, love your attitude 🙂

  • Jessica

    Love these quotes, and your picture at the beginning. You’re gorgeous! And that picture is so peaceful.

  • Petr

    Thank you! I’d love to see it recreated.

  • Christina

    I love these quotes! Do you have a list of devotion books that are your favorite??

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