I thought I’d post tonight to answer the questions you guys are sending through emails, messages, and comments. I hate that I can’t respond to every single person, but I do the best I can!  Leave any other questions in the comments below or on this Instagram post 🙂

What do you curl your hair with:

this 1″ Conair Infiniti Curling Iron (since freshman year of college!)

What mascara do you use:

I’ve used this mascara for the past few years and I love it. It makes them thick and dark.

What camera do you use:

Well, I JUST got the iPhone 8+ in the mail tonight. So I’ll be using that for a lot of the pictures I take on my own, but the photographers I shoot with most often use different Canons including: a Canon 5D Mark III with a 35 mm lens and a Canon 6D with a 50mm lens.

How do you edit your pictures:

The different photographers I work with edit everything differently, but when I edit my own, I use Lightroom and the VSCO app for filters (my favorites are A5, A6, C1, HB1, HB2).

I want to start a blog, any advice?:

First, read this. Second, if you’re going to do it, DO IT. And if you want to be a freelancer, be prepared for a 70+ hour a week job. Not just cute outfit pics. Having a vision, big goals, and having a specific/unique niche definitely helps. Read this post about building a brand and a following. Also, there are so many other career ideas other than blogging – read about some of the awesome jobs my friends have in the creative industry here.

Who does you hair color in Chicago?:

I’m in the process of looking for a go-to colorist in the city! I’ll keep you guys updated with who I go with!

Favorite lipstick:

MAC Rebel Lipstick with Currant Lip liner.

How tall are you and what size do you wear:

For reference when buying my outfits, I’m 4’11” and 95 lbs. I wear size XS or XXS and get a lot of things tailored. I try to always let you know when something has been taken in that I’m wearing. Size 6 shoe, 00 petite jeans – or 24/25s.

Favorite spots in Chicago:

Check this Instagram post, I named a lot of them here!

Your favorite stores for petites?:

Topshop Petites, ASOS Petites, Artizia, H&M, and Express Petites.

How do you curl your hair and do your makeup:

Working on how-to videos. Coming soon(ish)!

Love life?:

My boyfriend lives in New York City and we see each other a few times a month! He’s from Kentucky, went to Harvard, and now works and lives in NYC. But we like to keep things kind of private so that’s all ya get 🙂

Go-to nail polish colors:

All OPI colors: Funny Bunny, Let Me Bayou A Drink, and Miami Beet

Do you work out? What do you do?:

Favorites workouts: Here, here, here, here.

What do you do for meals/groceries:

This month has been a little extreme because of Whole30, but here are healthy meal ideas, healthy snack ideas, and a heathy grocery list.


I’m writing this post from my home away from home, Midtown Athletic Club, because it’s where I’ve been spending a bunch of my time lately. The convenience of working from home is something I will never take for granted, but sometimes it’s nice to just get out of the house for a little bit! I wrote about it earlier this month in this post, but it really is such a great place for me to go during the day that’s right in my neighborhood. I can get a workout in, write posts and emails, and get a healthy meal in. Plus there’s a spa..a rooftop courts..a yoga center.. it’s pretty amazing. Send me an email or comment below if you have any questions about it! Thanks for reading 🙂 x0, olivia


Top I’m wearing above is from Aritzia but sold out. Photo by John-Philp

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  • Mollie

    Hi Olivia, do you have any tips/advice on how to grow your hair longer? Yours is so pretty. Thanks!

  • Addison

    Do you ever do personal styling/shopping?

  • Sara

    I have been following your blog for a couple months and seriously love it! I especially like all your Chicago tips (love that city so much, trying to move there soon!) along with all the other fashion and lifestyle posts.

    Love seeing girls chase their dreams and find success – congrats! Xo

  • Lauren

    Hi Olivia,
    I have a lot of long hair like you! I was just curious as to how often you wash your hair and what you do with it while and after working out to keep it from looking dirty/greasy? Love when you do posts like this! Thank you!

  • Jessica
  • Reply

    I love it when you do FAQs! I feel like everyone loves to get to know the gal behind the blog! YOU ARE SO CUTE!
    Hope your Whole30 has been going well! And you and your new boy are tooooooo cute!

    Kelly Hoover |

  • Ally

    Hey Olivia!
    I’ve been reading your blog for about a year now and never commented but I just wanted to tell you how much I love reading your posts! You have the cutest sense of style and I always love reading your life/advice posts, you seem so sweet and genuine. Keep being awesome!

  • Kayla Rowling

    Hi Olivia! I have a job that also allows me to work from home. Sometimes it’s nice to go somewhere else to work and I find myself typically at a coffee shop with wifi. Do you have any fav spots besides the athletic club where you are the most productive? Also, do you schedule your days down to the hour?
    Xoxo – Kayla

  • Genevieve Marie

    Hi Olivia!

    I just decided to start working on my blog, it has always been a dream of mine . I love reading your post!! thanks for the inspiration!

    Genevieve Marie

  • Lauren

    Hi Olivia!
    What month do you recommend is best to visit Chicago?

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